All employers in Kenya are now under legal obligation to provide insurance to their employees


The human workforce is the single most important asset in any organization, it is also the most vulnerable.
Providing the best protection for your people against unexpected events is not just a legal and moral- but also commercial – imperative.
These unwelcome events vary widely in form and severity of impact to the individuals and their employers. Such events can range from terrorist attacks to adverse weather conditions: the spectrum of misfortune is open-ended.

However, one element all such incidents have in common is disruption: disruption of a single or of a group of lives – and consequent disruption of their organization. This could result in loss of productivity.

The Accident and Health team has unique expertise in arranging focused but adaptable solutions. Our program of products is summarized below:

Injuries arising out of and in the course of employment have become very common and they have potential serious disruptions in any organisation.

Besides Moral and commercial responsibility to cover employees, all employers are now under legal obligation to provide insurance protection to all their employees in line with the Workers injury Benefits Act of 2007.

At Royal Associates Insurance, we have the right mix of experience to arrange a focused WIBA plus cover that adequately meets the legal requirements and more at a very competitive price point. We offer tailor made a highbred policy that offers 24 hour / worldwide coverage.

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