Domestic Package (Royal Home Owners Insurance)

Home Insurance

Home owners insurance is part of our property line insurances and our team of experts will be able to design and place an appropriate insurance programme that suits your underlying needs. This policy will protect private home owners against loss or damage to property and liabilities arising out of ownership or occupation of the property

Our home owners Insurance uniquely combine other personal insurances to form a package that offers a total protection and peace of mind. These include:

  • Loss or damage to the residential property( buildings)Home owners contents
  • Loss of rental value or expenses for alternative accommodation following a loss/Damage to property
  • Portable personal items and those highly susceptible to accidental damage
  • Loss or damage to guest effects
  • Compensation for accidental death or disability to the insured’s domestic servants in line with the workers Injury benefits Act of 2007. This cover includes Medical expenses of upto Kshs.100,000/- and a last expense of upto Kshs.30,000/-
  • Emergence medical expenses cover following an accident in the residential property,
    Enhanced owners and /or Occupiers Liability Insurance cover limits
  • Our Royal Home policy has a Unique in built Personal liability cover with an enhanced Limit.

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