Private Motor Insurance

Private motor insurance

Our Royal Motor Private Policy cover is aimed at proving unique motoring risks solutions to our clients. Our innovative policy provides tailor made cover to protect the motorists against the risks of theft, accidental loss, of or damage to the motor vehicles. The cover also includes legal liability to third parties arising from use of the vehicle. This policy covers vehicles used for Social, Domestic and Pleasure purposes and in connection with the insured business or profession.

Some of the key features of our policies include:

  1. Enhanced Third party property damage limit
  2. High limit for Windscreen cover that includes Wing mirrors
  3. Enhanced limits on Towing charges, Medical Aid and Radio cassette/ Music system cover
  4. Agreed value cover
  5. Free valuations
  6. Free personal Accident cover
  7. Capped excess
  8. No blame no excess
  9. Courtesy car – Car of Similar make/ Model
  10. Compensation for forced ATM withdrawals following hi-jack
  11. Excess protector cover
  12. 24 hour road rescue /Assistance
  13. Emergency accommodation cover in case of an accident

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